Boston Harbor Cruise

Today marked the second day of a three day conference I’ve been attending. And to celebrate the meeting as a whole we were treated to a Boston Harbor Cruise, curtesy of The Odyssey. Here were some of the most picturesque moments from our cruise:


Spring and Summer Trends – Hits and Misses

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but I’ve never been one to jump on fashion band wagons very quickly. So naturally by the time I decide to join the party, it’s already ended and people are on to the next thing. But regardless of whether I’m going to buy items that are trending this season, I thought it would still be fun to share my personal hits and misses.

  • Wrap around shirts and dresses – Miss. I honestly don’t think this look flatters many body types, especially majority of this trend is done with seemingly stiff fabric.
  •  One piece bathing suits – hit/miss. I’m torn about this one because I really do like one pieces but I feel like a lot of the options out there are overdoing it with amount of side boob. I’m all about flaunting what you have but I also thing there’s something to be said for leaving a little bit up to imagination.
  • Embroidery – depends. I think this trend will fade very quickly, particularly for denim pieces. But with that being said, embroidery on tops and dresses is easier to wear so I can get behind them. With THAT being said I still think a statement embroidered denim pieces is a very chic look.
  • Pom poms – miss. Simply stated Pom poms are impractical for clothing and are at constant risk of being dirtied, or more likely, falling off. I’m gonna stick with Pom poms on cushions and other stationary objects.

My Go-to at Home Workout

It was a little over a year ago when my family and I were getting ready to leave for our trip to Italy. And while I incredibly excited about exploring, eating and wine tasting my way through the various cities we were visiting, there was one aspect of the trip that I was a little nervous about. I hadn’t gone over a week without exercising in 3 years and I was anxious about how I was going to fit in some somewhat scheduled workouts into our busy trip. Luckily I happened across a workout video that Anna Saccony-Joly had recently posted that detailed one of the workouts she did with her trainer. And I can proudly say that over a year later, I am still going back to this workout (because it still hurts..). If you’re interested in a 30 minute workout that doesn’t require any equipment and little space, I would definitely recommend this one.

Summertime Beauty Inspirations

summer makeup.PNG

It’s pretty common now for my friends to come over (or make me come to them) and ask me to do their makeup. And after a couple months of trial and error asking my friend’s what look they want, I’ve come to the conclusion that deciphering what they’re going for is a lot easier when they have a bunch of examples to look through. This is where Pinterest has come in handy. Every once in a while I’ll peruse through the “makeup” board and see if there are any looks that catch my eye. If they do, they make it to my personal makeup board which is what I show my friends for inspiration. Here are some Summertime looks that have recently made the cut.