Wedding Guest Timeline

When you’re a bride there are soooo many guides out there that give you a tentative timeline for planning your wedding. And while that is great for the bride, it does leave us wedding party members or simply wedding guests to fend for ourselves. So for those of you who aren’t as gifted with your timing and planning abilities, I decided to jot down my timeline as a wedding guest/party member.







Morphe 25A – Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Mini Review

Morphe seems like one of those brands that can do no wrong. So when I purchased their 25A – Copper Spice Eye Shadow Palette for both my sister and I, I had very high expectations. And while I have had this product since June, I haven’t actually played around with it all that much because I tend to wear very minimal makeup during the Summer. But I thought it was about time to give you some swatches (starting from the top row, going left to right), regardless of my incomplete review. And for each row, I’ll let you in on how I felt about them.


Nothing bad to say about these. They’re very pigmented despite looking like they aren’t showing up on my arm (that’s just my arm color).


The ugly duckling of the palette. The colors are very patchy and blend away very easily making them hard to build up.


The pride and joy of this palette. Super buttery and pigmented. That being said DO NOT try to apply these with a fluffy or dry brush.


The shimmers are shimmery and the mattes are better in this row than in the second. An all around good row.

Living for these Living Rooms


The time has come for my roommate of the past three years to move out.. That’s right, she’s found the love of her life and will be moving in with him in just a few short weeks. So while I’m devastated that she’s leaving me, the light at the end of the tunnel is that her absence leaves room to redecorate. Here are some interior designs for small living space (key word “small”) that I’ll hopefully be able to take some inspiration from to spruce up our old space.


Clutch so Clutch


If you weren’t already completely aware that wedding season is in full swing, SUHPRISE, IT’S HERE! And it’s been here. And (unfortunately for me, single Sally over here) it will only be coming back stronger and stronger each year. Fortunately retail therapy is a thing and in order to justify it even more, purchasing things for said wedding that’s making you (me) feel single AF is not a complete waste of money. And buying something that you can use for multiple weddings, like a clutch, is even MORE financially savvy. See? You’re making yourself feel better AND saving money. Everyone’s a winner. So in order to better your sanity and your wallet, here are some cute clutches that are the perfect addition to multiple weddings.

50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Most of my content doesn’t revolve around my personal life. In fact, you could probably only find a handful of posts that do. So today, with out getting into the nitty gritty, I wanted to share with you a little, or rather 50 facts worth, of myself. And although they may not be the most deep and dark personal things in my life, I think each one adds a little bit to who I am today. And hey, it’s the little things that count, right?

  1. My favorite pizza toppings are peppers, mushrooms, onions and sausage
  2. I’m a middle child (older brother, younger sister)
  3. I played soccer competitively until I graduated High School
  4. I know a good bit of French despite having not studied it at all for the past 8 years
  5. I was a Biochemistry major in college with a minor in Psychology
  6. Teal is my favorite color (cause it reminds me of the ocean)
  7. I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood!)
  8. I’m a Leo!
  9. I still have a bad habit of biting my nails when I’m bored or anxious
  10. I’ve donated blood 4 times
  11. James Taylor reminds me of my childhood because we always played his songs in my house growing up
  12. My celebrity crush is Joseph Gordon Levitt  (or Ben Barnes…and Tom Hardy)
  13. I can hyper extend my elbows
  14. My family doesn’t like playing word-centric board games with me because I am pretty darn good at them..
  15. My favorite animal is an Otter and I am just waiting for the day I get to see one in person
  16. During college my friends and I would always do the Boston Globe Crossword at breakfast
  17. I am extremely ticklish
  18. I can recite the entire Jabberwocky poem by heart
  19. I hate being cuddled when I’m trying to fall asleep (super cute and romantic, I know)
  20. I love asking my friends and family to take the Meyers Briggs personality test to see what personality type they are
  21. I had to sleep with a night light up until high school because I was that afraid of the dark
  22. I was in every single one of my Middle School plays
  23. I love wearing tight pants and a loose top but hate wearing a tight top and loose pants
  24. I got food poisoning at my office once and it was the worst thing ever
  25. I love a good scary movie
  26. I love herb and flower infused drinks (rosemary, elderflower, rose, etc.)
  27. I feel my absolute best when I’m running
  28. I probably had about 7 beauty products in my entire collection up until I graduated from college
  29. I cannot sleep on moving vehicles (cars, trains, planes, etc.)
  30. I saw a therapist in Middle School because I struggled so much with the social anxieties that come with being, well, a middle schooler
  31. I’m a pretty decent singer and was a member of one of my college A Capella groups
  32. I’ve had 3 dogs growing up
  33. I get migraines
  34. I’m a terrible flyer and get major anxiety leading up to a trip
  35. I’ve never liked hot dogs but continue to try them every few years to see if my taste buds have changed
  36. If Creme Brulee is on a menu, I will get it.
  37. Some of my favorite movies as a kid were The Last Unicorn, Once Upon a Forest and Thumbelina
  38. Whenever I get a pedicure my feet spasm because they’re so ticklish
  39. I am a notoriously bad texter and take forever to get back to people (I much prefer phone conversations)
  40. My favorite musical of all time is The Phantom of the Opera
  41. I really dislike being weighed and have never and will never live in a house with a scale
  42. I pulled the fire alarm in my local mall when I was little because I didn’t realize what it was
  43. I refuse to go to bed if I’m dirty and haven’t showered
  44. I can nap like a champ and will often be found taking three hour naps over the weekend
  45. I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan films
  46. I experienced horrible homesickness growing up and at the beginning of college
  47. I did Irish Step Dancing for a number of years when I was a kid because I loved Riverdance so much
  48. I love champagne but it gives me a headache almost as soon as I drink it
  49. I prefer Fiction books to Non-Fiction books
  50. I grew up playing video games with my brother and his friends