Product Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Is this $6.99 version of the $20 Beauty Blender a true dupe?

beauty blender


  • Blends concealer and foundation in like a dream
  • Expands when wet to apply and blend super quickly
  • Doesn’t look as dirty as the Beauty Blender due to orange color
  • Provides rounded and flat sides for more options


  • I wish it was just a little more pointed to really close to the under-eye

Overall, I fricken love this product. Since getting this for Christmas I honestly have not used anything else to blend out my foundation, concealer, or apply powder. Admittedly, I haven’t cleaned it since then either…but it still looks fine! I love the Beauty Blender but I love this sponge just as much, if not more because it expands even larger. If you’re not in the market to buy the cult Beauty Blender for $20 this is an incredible option.


Product Review: Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

john freida.jpg

It’s hard for me to admit but I think my hair is naturally brown now. Which means I have to bleach it. Which means I need a product like this.


  • It visibly prevents and reduces brassiness in my hair
  • Leaves my hair feeling super duper clean
  • I love the deep purple color… that counts as a pro for me
  • Smells great and clean
  • Lathers pretty easily
  • Price is only $13.50!


  • Can’t get this product in the drugstore

Overall, I will 100% be repurchasing this shampoo. I have never used a product that has had such a visible impact on the brassiness of my hair (in a completely good way). My hairdresser recommended this product to me and I could not thank her enough. It makes my hair look and feel super clean while not ever drying it out. Love this!

Product Review: Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer + Cream

I needed a lighter moisturizer for Spring and when I asked the woman at Sephora what the best option was for a well priced moisturizer that didn’t contain oil, this is what I was pointed to.



  • The price! Only $23
  • Instantly absorbs into the skin
  • Does not leave a greasy residue
  • Is super light and bouncy while still being extremely hydrating
  • Has has gorgeous clean, almost floral scent


  • Not the best for the colder months because I need a little more hydration during those dryer times
  • Doesn’t help my dry spots

Overall, I really REALLY like this product. I put it on every morning after washing my face and it provides the perfect amount of hydration throughout the day. It also soaks in quickly so I can apply my makeup right away. I don’t use this at night simply because I like to give my skin a heavier dose of moisture in the form of a thick cream before I sleep but this makes for a great Spring/Summer moisturizer and I think I will be repurchasing it 🙂

Product Review: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

My first ever foundation!

too faced


  • It goes on like a dream (with a beauty blender)
  • Is my perfect shade (Porcelain)
  • Can be sheered out or buildable for more coverage
  • Doesn’t get dry and patchy throughout the day (even on my dry skin)
  • Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything


  • It’s a little pricey
  • The packaging is a bit bulky and heavy
  • No SPF

Overall, unless I find a more perfect foundation I will be purchasing this one again. It provides flawless, moisturizing coverage that stays put all day long and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything which is the ultimate goal. Despite being full coverage, it is not patchy at all and honestly feels like moisturizer when I’m putting it on. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

Product Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

I’m a huge fan of the Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser and their Cleansing Micellar Water for removing makeup and cleansing (obviously) so I bought this product hoping to broaden my Simple horizons even more.



  • Comes in a nice, travel friendly size
  • Smells nice and clean
  • Leaves my face feeling clean


  • Does not remove my makeup (which it does claim to)
  • You can easily dispense much more than you’d like
  • Hard to use in the shower

Overall, I will not be purchasing this item again. It cleaned my face but didn’t seem to clear it off makeup which is a no-no for me. Nine times out of ten I take my makeup off in the shower with a cleanser, soap, or makeup remover and this did not do the trick. I don’t know if it’s because I was in the shower and my face or hands were too wet but given this my usual routine, if it doesn’t work in the shower than it won’t work for me.