Interior Inspiration

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been in my bedroom that taupe is my favorite color for anything interiors related. And then I came across this picture on pinterest and knew I had to post about it.


Rug // Criss Cross Pillow // Diamond Pillow // Stackable Tables // Lamp // Fleurs


Interior Inspiration

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted one of these! But since I’ve been doing a lot of pinteresting lately, I dipped back into my stock of Interior Design pins and got some inspiration. If you’re someone who likes deep teals as much as I do, I think you might like this one 🙂 And in case you haven’t seen a post like this before, I basically choose a room for inspiration and go on the search for similar pieces to the ones pictured or ones that I simply think would go well with it. Enjoy!


Pillows // Ottoman // Chair set // Nesting Tables // Mirrors


Interior Inspiration #6

It’s been a while since I’d done one of these posts so let’s jump right back into it! This room seems like the perfect combination of masculine and feminine. It’s rustic yet comfy and would work really well in an urban setting combining the structure and intensity of city living with the comfort of a farm house. If I were living in NYC, I this is the type of decor I would go for.

living room

interior inspo

Quote Print ($30) // Periodic Elements Print ($138) // Home Pillow ($19) // Ottoman ($79) // Patterned Pillow ($9) // Blanket ($60) // Rug // Coffee Table ($145)

Have a great weekend!

Interior Inspiration #5

I’m not a huge fan of the all white rooms for multiple reasons: 1. I tend to like cozier feeling rooms and this usually means darker walls. 2. I have sensitive eyes and being in really bright rooms bothers them. And 3. I would get them dirty within a matter of weeks.

That being said, when I came across this room I really liked it’s chill, clean yet relaxed vibe (may or may not have something to do with the cat passed out on the couch) and was inspired to find pieces that could bring a little bit of this room into my own apartment without bringing too much white. Here’s what I came up with!


room inspiration

Side Table // Deer Wall Piece // Basket (I think this would like lovely hanging on a wall) // String Lights // Arrow Pillow // Patterned Pillow // Blanket

Interior Inspiration #4

My mom and I have always wanted a house by the beach. I have also always wanted to decorate said house by the beach and am constantly looking at interior design layouts and pieces that I think would go perfectly in our make believe sea side oasis. When looking for beach house interior design inspirations, however, I can never seem to find rooms that capture this beachy feel without being adorned with framed starfish, bowls of sea shells and boats in jars. That’s why when I came across this set up and did not see any of the usual doo-dads I immediately wanted to do a post about it. I think that this room captures the calming ocean vibe while not being so obviously beach themed and could definitely be replicated in homes that aren’t necessarily on the water. And being someone who unintentionally buys beach themed pieces anyway, I think a lot of these pieces would go pretty nicely in my current apartment.


interior inspiration #4

Pillow // Pillow 2 // Console Table // Chair // Side Table // Lamp // Rug // Sofa