ASOS Picks for Summer

If there’s one season that I struggle to dress for, it’s Summer. This is due to the fact that I am a serial hoarder and layerer (yes, this is a new word) of warm, comfy clothes, which as you can imagine, don’t make for the most comfortable, or breathable outfits when the temperature outside is in the mid 80’s. Now that’s not to say I don’t like the hot weather, I just don’t enjoy it nearly as much if I’m not in the direct vicinity of a body of water in which I can submerge myself should the need arise. But for those times when a swimsuit is not entirely appropriate, I popped over to ASOS to find some other options that may be able to cover and conceal without giving me heat stroke.


Spring and Summer Trends – Hits and Misses

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but I’ve never been one to jump on fashion band wagons very quickly. So naturally by the time I decide to join the party, it’s already ended and people are on to the next thing. But regardless of whether I’m going to buy items that are trending this season, I thought it would still be fun to share my personal hits and misses.

  • Wrap around shirts and dresses – Miss. I honestly don’t think this look flatters many body types, especially majority of this trend is done with seemingly stiff fabric.
  •  One piece bathing suits – hit/miss. I’m torn about this one because I really do like one pieces but I feel like a lot of the options out there are overdoing it with amount of side boob. I’m all about flaunting what you have but I also thing there’s something to be said for leaving a little bit up to imagination.
  • Embroidery – depends. I think this trend will fade very quickly, particularly for denim pieces. But with that being said, embroidery on tops and dresses is easier to wear so I can get behind them. With THAT being said I still think a statement embroidered denim pieces is a very chic look.
  • Pom poms – miss. Simply stated Pom poms are impractical for clothing and are at constant risk of being dirtied, or more likely, falling off. I’m gonna stick with Pom poms on cushions and other stationary objects.

Memorial Day Aritzia Sale

Happy almost Memorial Day everyone! Growing up this holiday weekend was just another soccer tournament but this year, as I won’t be playing soccer or vacationing (this time last year I was in Italy :() I’ll be shopping the sales. One of the sales I plan on hitting up is the Aritzia one. And after being thoroughly disappointed with how pricey their pieces have become, I knew this is one of the few times that I can get away with purchasing more than one piece from them. Here are my top picks:

A Sucker for Seersucker

Anyone who knows my style knows I have a slight fear of big, bold prints. That’s why when I look for patterns I’m more drawn to the subdued ones. And there is not better example of a subdued pattern than seer sucker, especially for Spring and Summer. Here are some seer sucker (inspired ) options that caught my eye for the warmer seasons.

Bathing Beauties

For me personally bathing suits are one of the hardest things to shop for (especially now that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry them anymore). They’re extremely overpriced, are rarely carried in stores and sizes vary a ton so purchasing them online is always a pain in the butt. That being said, Revolve carries a lot of gorgeous suits that provide a lot of variety for a larger range of prices. Here some of my favorites from their incredibly extensive collection: