New Scents for the New Season

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, with the changing of the seasons also comes the change of scents in my home. To my dismay, however, the Yankee Candle that I have frequented in seasons past is no longer around so I had to search for another supplier of scents to quench my thirst for Spring candles. Luckily there is a Bath and Body Works located right next door to the old Yankee Candle store I went to so I popped in there for a sniff. Here are the scents that I picked up, along with a candle I purchased last Spring that I’ll be putting back into rotation.

Fresh Cut Lilacs – This is a no frills, all Lilac kind of scent. I have honestly never smelt a candle that represented its flower so spot on. If you like the scent of lilac, you’ll love this candle.

Sunlit Garden – I hate sickly sweet scents so I wasn’t so sure about the pear but I actually love this scent. It’s a clean, sweet, grassy floral scent that reminds me of a Spring day out on the soccer fields after it’s rained and everything smells fresh. Paired with the Lilac scent it truly smells like a garden in my apartment.

Wild Honeysuckle – Funny story, I’ve actually purchased this candle twice by accident. I saw it in different packaging and thought it was a different scent but nope, the nose knows what it likes. This candle is a very light, very sweet honeysuckle scent that can fill up a room SUPER quickly.


Coconut Milk Mango – Ok, so I didn’t actually purchase this candle but that’s only because I had just bought the other two. And I usually don’t love scents that sound like foods (ie. cupcakes, cake batter, sugar cookie) but this is an exception. It smells like a glorious smoothie/milkshake that I would definitely overeat had it been in food form.


5 Tips for Creating a Cleaner and Cozier Home


A clean home is a happy home. And while I’m the first to admit that I’m not always enthralled by the idea of tidying up my place, there are a few tasks I do make a little time for before relaxing after a long day out and about. Here are some tips for tidying cleaning up your space and making your house feel more like a home.

  • Always make your bed and your couches after getting up – While making your bed may seem obvious and also something that seems super tedious and somewhat pointless, there’s something so nice about getting into a made bed at the end of the day. Same goes for a nicely arranged couch! I’m always more likely to lounge on my couch if it looks clean and inviting.
  • Put your keys and coat away as soon as you get home – Putting away my keys and coat as soon as I walk in the door saves me the trouble of looking for them later. I’ve found that I’m also a lot less likely to start piling things on top my bed if I’ve never thrown my jacket on top of it to start with which saves me time getting into bed later.
  • Clean out your wardrobe once every 3-6 months – My rule of thumb is if an article of clothing doesn’t bring you joy or you haven’t worn it in over a year, give it, donate it, sell it, or toss it.
  • Switch out seasonal pieces – I have specific throws, candles, and plants I like to purchase for different seasons. A little variety between seasons makes the coming of the new one a little more exciting and inviting for guests.
  • Always have a source of sound – Whether it’s the tv playing in the background, a playlist you’ve put together, or even the kettle going, I always feel cozier when I’m not sitting in complete silence. Noise fills up a room and makes me feel more at home.

Farmhouse Chic

I know I still have a ways to go before I have the opportunity to start creating my dream home, but it’s never too early to start planning! My aesthetic is a more contemporary, cleaned up farmhouse full of neutrals and comfiness. Here are some rooms that have earned spots on my Pinterest interiors board that will hopefully someday be turned into a reality.


To see more details on these pics, check out my Pinterest board here!

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H & M Home Picks

Last night I was biding my time waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner and it just so happened that the place we were meeting was next door to H&M. And while H&M isn’t my favorite place to shop for clothing (I’ve found the quality of there clothes is sometimes not the best), their home ware is a different story. The pieces they sell are incredibly well priced and while the quality won’t compare to the Pottery Barn’s and Crate and Barrels of the world, it definitely is high enough for me (and should be for anyone else on a budget). This time around I found some great pieces that would compliment a variety of different themed rooms. Here were some of my favorites: