Blush Pink Bliss

blush pink

Pink has never been my color of choice. In fact some times it annoys me how aggressively I gravitate towards Earth colored tones, none of which include magenta, watermelon, or bubblegum pink. So it came as a rather large surprise to me that when I was cleaning out my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, I came across a treasure trove of pink. And not just any pink, blush pink. Apparently I have been collecting pieces in this shade for a while now and as it is a very appropriate shade for Spring I wanted to share with you some other pieces that would compliment my wardrobe as well as your own.


Hump Day Camel

Happy hump day! An in honor of humps, I wanted to post about a color (or animal) that pokes it head out every Fall that I am getting way more into this year. In the past I’ve been a little apprehensive about wearing camel since the color kind of clashed with my hair but since I’ve been going more blonde, the color doesn’t seem nearly as scary to me! Here are some of my favorite camel picks for the season:

Peacoat // Parka // Turtleneck // Booties // Tote // Sandals // Skirt

In the Navy

Along with black and white, navy is definitely my most worn “color.” I think it flatters just about every skin tone and every hair color and since it’s dark, has a nice slimming effect! For the last few months or so I’ve been trying to branch out from my beloved navy’s, mainly because I own a navy article of every type of clothing and don’t really need more, but when I realized today that I hadn’t done a Color Coded post on my fave color, I knew I needed to. So here are some great navy pieces!


Eye Shadow // Nail Polish // Bag // Skirt // Bra // Blazer // Dress // Rainboots