Summertime Beauty Inspirations

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It’s pretty common now for my friends to come over (or make me come to them) and ask me to do their makeup. And after a couple months of trial and error asking my friend’s what look they want, I’ve come to the conclusion that deciphering what they’re going for is a lot easier when they have a bunch of examples to look through. This is where Pinterest has come in handy. Every once in a while I’ll peruse through the “makeup” board and see if there are any looks that catch my eye. If they do, they make it to my personal makeup board which is what I show my friends for inspiration. Here are some Summertime looks that have recently made the cut.



Product Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Is this $6.99 version of the $20 Beauty Blender a true dupe?

beauty blender


  • Blends concealer and foundation in like a dream
  • Expands when wet to apply and blend super quickly
  • Doesn’t look as dirty as the Beauty Blender due to orange color
  • Provides rounded and flat sides for more options


  • I wish it was just a little more pointed to really close to the under-eye

Overall, I fricken love this product. Since getting this for Christmas I honestly have not used anything else to blend out my foundation, concealer, or apply powder. Admittedly, I haven’t cleaned it since then either…but it still looks fine! I love the Beauty Blender but I love this sponge just as much, if not more because it expands even larger. If you’re not in the market to buy the cult Beauty Blender for $20 this is an incredible option.

May Favorites

  • Born This Way Foundation – I raved about this foundation here but basically it’s a full coverage foundation that I only use for light coverage when applied with a damp beauty sponge. Love it!
  • Brow Gel – This has quickly become one of my everyday staples. It holds my brows in place all day and even makes my liner stay in place for longer!
  • The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny – The third book in this mystery series that follows a quaint town and the strange murders that occur there. You can read these out of order too!
  • Bombay Hair Curler – I wanted to buy a curler with a larger barrel for some more voluminous, rounded curls this Summer and this bad boy gets the job done!
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Highlighter – This has been my go-to highlight for Spring. It’s subtle but still gorgeous.
  • Paul Mitchell Blonde Platinum Shampoo – I also raved about this product here but after receiving a compliment today about how great my color looked I could not rave about this product more. Big winner for my blonde girls out there that fear brassiness as much as I do.

5 Ways to Look More Tan (without the Sun Damage)


When Summer starts peaking it’s head out from behind the clouds of the rainy Spring season, getting my skin back to a color that doesn’t resemble that of Caspers is one of my first to-dos. Now obviously the easiest and cheapest way to do this is to go outside on a hot, sunny day and lay out until your skin is the perfect shade of tan (or more likely in my case tomato red), but seeing as this causes skin cancer, I wouldn’t recommend this. So in lieu of bronzing your skin up naturally, I’m here to present to you 5 healthier options for making yourself look tan.

  1. Spray Tan – Probably the most obvious option but spray tans will last longer than any other type of fake tan you can get. They’re also the most expensive option.
  2. At-home Tan – These products usually last about a week or so and can yield some pretty great results! My sister used one last week and looks bomb. Try the St.Tropez  or Loving Tan)
  3. Gradual self-tanners – Moisturizing with gradual tanners will not only give you a more bronzed look, it will nourish your skin and make pre-existing tans last MUCH longer. (Try Jergens Natural Glow)
  4. Wear white – The lighter your clothes, the darker your skin will look in contrast.
  5. Lighten your hair or teeth – Same principle of contrast with wearing white. The lighter your hair and teeth are, the darker your skin will appear. As soon as I go a shade lighter for my Summer hair, I immediately get comments about looking tanner.

BONUS- this one’s a bonus because it’s pretty obvious but switching to a darker foundation and bronzer will always give you a darker complexion. Just make sure you switch up your concealer as well!