Product Review: Euricin Original Healing Cream

In an effort to find a sulfate and paraben free moisturizing cream, I thought I’d give this guy a spin



  • Provides INTENSE moisture
  • Doesn’t have an overbearing scent
  • Price is right
  • Fragrance, dye and paraben free


  • The formula is so thick (pretty much waxy) to the point where it’s hard to spread
  • It feels a little oily after application but dries down by morning if you apply at night

Overall, I do not see myself purchasing this product again. While the results (albeit in the morning) are really good, I felt like I got similar results with my Cereva and the application was 10X easier. In fact, I’ve now started mixing the waxy cream in with other lotion just to get it to be able to spread more easily along my skin. I think if you have a few dry patches (elbows, feet, etc.) that need a little more TLC in the form of extreme cream moisturizing, this might be great! For now though, I’m sticking with my Cerave.

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