2019 Resolutions


It’s that time of year again! Well technically it’s one month later than that time of year.. but regardless, it’s time to share my new years resolutions with all of you! Here’s what I (hopefully) plan on achieving this year:

  • Keep up my fitness routine – Last year I accomplished a new years resolution of mine to run a half marathon. What I didn’t realize during the process of training was how much I enjoyed it! I found that working out 5-6 times a week and running a total of 15+ miles a week made a huge difference on my body and my energy! Hopefully I can keep the routine!
  • Drink less soda – Growing up I was never someone who drank a lot of soda. In fact, my affinity for soda only started a couple of years back. The problem is my affinity has grown to be more of an addiction so I’m going to try and cut back this year and swap more of my sodas for seltzers.
  • Read/ listen more books – I only read approximately 2 books last year which was a dang shame! I enjoy reading and have previously made a habit of reading before bed. But since switching my bedtime ritual to crosswords, books have fallen by the way side. That’s going to change this year!
  • More trips with friends – The highlights of 2018 included a handful of trips to new places with close friends and I fully plan on making more of these trips this year. I need to remember to say YES more to opportunities like these because 100% of the time I end up having an absolute ball.

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