My First Experience with Steatstyle


With subscription boxes being all the rage now, brands like Birchbox, Blue Apron, and Stitch Fix are practically household names. And if you haven’t subscribed to one yourself, chances are you have a friend who has. So after years of hearing rave (and some not so rave) reviews about these boxes, I finally took the plunge and started a Sweatstyle subscription.

In the past I’d had various reasons for not subscribing to boxes- cooking for one is too difficult, I have enough makeup, I don’t switch up my style ever– but when I came across Sweatstyle, a box I’d never even heard of, I was intrigued. The box is specifically for  workout clothing and you can pick the frequency of how often the boxes are delivered. And for someone like me who rarely buys clothing and spends 90% of their time (out of the office) either working out in workout gear or just lounging in it, this seemed like a match made in heaven. I’ve also been interested in trying out brands besides Athleta, LuluLemon and Nike and this seemed like a great way to broaden my horizons.

So I filled out my profile which went into depth about what types of workouts I partake in, if and what types of colors, patterns and cuts I liked, and how I like my clothes to fit (along with my sizes). One month later my box arrived and here’s what I got!

  • Lole Jose Long Sleeve – Dark Denim ($75, XS/S) – KEEPER – I have approximately zero tight fitting long sleeve, running shirts which has caused a bit of underarm chafing for me this Winter so this was a no-brainer keeper for me. The fit is snug without feeling uncomfortable and navy is right up my alley. Plus it has the little thumb holes which I love.
  • Style Reform Parker Legging – Rose Gold Black Stripe ($110, S) – RETURNED – I’m not a fan of rose gold and I’m even less of a fan of patterns that don’t continue to the back of the piece. Both of these dislikes made this a pretty easy return.
  • Style Reform Garland Tank – Black/Neon Pink ($52 , S) – RETURNED – While I love the cut of muscle tees on me as they tend to slim out my broad shoulders, I don’t like being a walking billboard for brands (especially when their logo is in bright pink and holo print). I can deal with a small insignia but this was too much for me to handle.
  • Lole Cardio Long Sleeve – Black ($70, S) – KEEPER – Similar to the previous Lole long sleeve, I kept this to run in. Again, it has the thumb holes which I’m happy about, and it also has a cool sort of mesh cross pattern on the back that make it a little more special that any other plain, black long-sleeve.
  • Terez Lace Front Hoodie – Light Grey French Terry ($96, S) – KEEPER – Currently my sweatshirt collection consists only of those with colleges or locations on the Vineyard printed on them. Therefore I felt completely comfortable keeping this hoodie that is unadorned and perfect for leisure wear. Plus who doesn’t need a cozy grey hoodie in their collection? Especially one that has an adorable lace up detail.
  • Phat Buddha Rockefeller Center Legging – Caviar ($110) – RETURNED – One word: bedazzled. I can’t do rhinestones.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with my box! I ended up spending $241 (just under the $250 I would have needed to spend to get and extra 20% off) which is a lot, but when it comes to exercise clothing, I’m willing to spend a little more knowing I’ll be getting so much use out of the pieces.

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