New Years Resolutions – How I Did


Technically we have just under two weeks left of 2018 but I figured it was still close enough to the end of the year that I could update you guys on how I did with my New Years Resolutions for 2018. Let me know how you guys did!

  • Get a promotion – While I didn’t get a new position, the role I’m currently in gained MUCH more responsibility this year and I was able to gain some really valuable experiences that will definitely help me move into my next role. And (fingers crossed) there may be something on the horizon for early next year!
  • Do a full split / work on my back walk over – Given my last goal, I spent a lot less time going working on my split than I did working on my cardio so this goal kind of fell to the wayside this year.
  • Go on another trip with friends – I did this! In fact, I took not one but two big trips with friends this year. I visited the West Coast for the first time and stayed with friends in Seattle and was also able to make my maiden voyage to Chicago for a mini college reunion! I loved both cities and both of these trips were huge highlights of my year.
  • Run a half marathon – 1:53 baby!!! After 5+ years of consistent running I finally ran my first half marathon! I was aiming to finish in under two hours and shockingly made it with 7 minutes to spare! Very proud of myself for this accomplishment and I’m already looking forward to running another half in May!

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  1. It’s great looking back at previous goals and resolutions. Your half marathon is a huge accomplishment. 🙂

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