All (16!) Products I Use On a Daily Basis


I’ve always considered myself someone who has never put too much time and effort into making myself presentable. It usually takes me about 15 minutes in the morning to get through my morning routine so I can’t be all that high maintenance, right? Well if this is the case, then why am I constantly running out of products and racking up major points at CVS with all of my beauty/skin/hair care purchases? The answer is that I actually use a lot of products to keep myself looking and feeling in tip top shape. And honestly I’m completely fine with using so many products because in the end, I’m comfortable in my routine and even more comfortable in my skin because of them. Here are all of the products I use on the daily in order of use:



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  1. laurelbutler says:

    Thanks for sharing Laura. I love beauty products, so I live to hear what other women use 😍

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  2. lemonadeglam says:

    I might give the neutrogena hydro boost serum a try! Do you use it before/with the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream??

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    1. Yep! I use it before I moisturize with a cream or a lotion 🙂

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