Birthday Wish List


27 here I come!

I’ve never been someone who’s been really into my own birthday. Now if one of my friend’s is celebrating, by all means, I’m the first to volunteer for cake duty, decoration shopping, and pre-party set up, but for some reason, the same eagerness to plan doesn’t translate to my own birthday. Maybe it stems from my deep-seeded fear that no one will show up due to a childhood of birthdays where all of my friends were away on Summer vacation? Too dark?

Anywho! The one thing I do plan for is my family asking what I would like for my birthday and thanks to an ongoing Pinterest wishlist, I’m always prepared for this question. I’d highly recommend making one of these if you’re anything like me and constantly put things in your online shopping carts only to forget about these items when you actually have an occasion to gift yourself something (or have someone else do it for you).

Here’s what’s on my list this time around!

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