How I Pack My Suitcase


No matter how excited I am for an upcoming trip, packing is always a pain point for me. I’ve had too many bad experiences where I’ve forgotten something crucial to the trip (my ID for a trip to NY, underwear for a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, bathing suits to Tortola to name a few…) and ended up either missing out on opportunities or spending money to buy new things. I’d like to think, however, that after these experiences I’ve gotten a little better at making sure I remember to pack these essentials as well as some of the more non-obvious items. Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve picked up to make sure I pack everything I need

  • Lay all your clothes out on your bed and mentally picture yourself getting dressed in the morning. First your undergarments, then pants/shorts then a shirt, etc. If you come across something that isn’t on your bed, make sure you grab it before you start packing!
  • When packing makeup, pack your everyday stuff and then go back and add any extras you may want. You may be shocked how much room a palette or compact can take up. Don’t forget brushes!
  • Go to your bathroom and open up your drawers / cabinets. This is where I go for the majority of my night time essentials that I might not think about when I’m packing stuff up in my bedroom. After all, I’m not thinking about toothpaste, contact solution, makeup remover and a razor unless i’m in there
  • Pack more first aid items than you think you’ll need. Even if you don’t need them yourself, I guarantee you there will be someone on your trip that will need an Advil, a band aid, or antiseptic at some point.
  • Before you leave your house, take one last look at your room to make sure you didn’t forget to pack something obvious. I’ve definitely left a purse out or my charger out to make sure I don’t forget to pack them only to realize I did just that.

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  1. natalie says:

    So true about how much space (and not to mention weight) make-up actually takes up!

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