2018 Resolutions – 6 Month Update


Has 2018 been flying by or is it just me? Since when are we almost 7 months into the year?!

At the beginning of the year I made 4 new years resolutions and I thought I’d update you on them since we’re already have way through. Here’s how I’m coming along:

  • Get a promotion – So here’s the thing, I enjoy my current position 10X more than I did this past Winter thanks to a new boss and many more responsibilities that I have loved taking on. That being said, I have not yet received a promotion yet…
  • Do a full split/work on my back walk over – Sadly I have not really progressed in this field either. I haven’t gotten worse, but I don’t think I’ve gotten better.
  • Go on another trip with friends – This is one goal I have been able to check off! So far this year I’ve made multiple Vermont trips and a rather large trip to Seattle with some friends! Definitely see more of these trips in the future 🙂 I’m thinking Chicago next?
  • Run a half marathon – It’s now Summer which means I’ll have more free time to train for a half. I wasn’t able to train for one in the Spring given my personal / work life was completely all consuming but I think things are finally leveling out and I’ll be able to get back to business.

How are your new years resolutions coming along?!

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