Spring 2018 Trends That I Don’t Get

When new trends come along each season, I get that sometimes the shock of the “new” and “different” can be a little off putting at first, but usually I can come around to trends and eventually embrace them! That being said, not all trends end up finding up place in my heart. These are the ones that didn’t make the cut for Spring.

  • Straw bags – These bags just seem like a hazard to me. They seem like the type of piece that would snag and tear other pieces of clothing or break themselves. Plus as cute as they may be, they seem a little impractical to carry around all day.
  • Velveteen bathing suits – Velvet + water = soggy suit. Right? Or maybe these aren’t meant for water? In which case, that’s silly
  • Flowered bathing suits – Wouldn’t the flowers just wilt and droop? Maybe I’m missing something. Or maybe these are also not meant for swimming either?
  • See through (polyerthane) clothing – I’d say these just don’t look attractive, but they also seem uncomfortable and not-breathable at all (leading you to perspire and fog up your clothing?)
  • Smocked tops – I don’t see how a top that squeezes in your chest and then expands at your belly can flatter or enhance anyone’s best features.
  • Unmatched jean pants – These pants seem like they were cut too short so extra material from other pants was added as an afterthought. Not a fan

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