An Attempt at Lemon High Tea Cookies

As someone who’s not the biggest fan of lemon (with the exception of adding a slice to my vodka sodas), I’ve never been that motivated to bake lemon-centric recipes. In fact, usually when a recipe calls for lemon (ex. lemon zest, lemon liquor, lemon flavoring), I still tend to forgo the ingredient. When a friend asked me to bake her lemon cookies for her birthday this past weekend though, I had to oblige.

They were actually very easy to make and came out tasting pretty well! (Which is saying a lot for someone who usually goes for more sweets than sours)

I followed this recipe below with the following exceptions:

  • I let my dough chill for 30 minutes
  • I sprinkled lemon zest on top of the iced cookies instead of adding it into the icing and mixing
  • ALSO this recipe resulted in close to 18 cookies and definitely not 30

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  1. Linda's List says:

    They were SO goood

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