March Favorites

  • Matthew Hussey – This guy is a dating guru and has tons of videos and even a book on how to “get the guy.” His insight and advice is on point and absolutely addicting.
  • Queer Eye – The new Fab Five are here and I am so happy! This Netflix show features five gay men that are tasked with revamping a new person’s life each week. Each has a specialty (fashion, food & wine, interiors, styling, and culture) and brings something new to the table and together they are absolutely hilarious, lovable and inspiring.
  • Too Faced Born This Way – I don’t know whether I’m happy about being able to wear this foundation again as I can only wear it when I’m super pale but it’s such a great foundation I don’t care. It can definitely be full coverage but I just use a little to provide a light coverage everywhere.
  • David’s Tea (Forever Nuts) – This is probably my favorite favorite of the past few months. I was sick recently and wandered into David’s Tea to try to find something to aid in my recovery. After smelling what seemed like over 15 different types of tea I settled on Forever Nuts and have proceeded to drink this tea every night ever since.
  • Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks – I’d never tried any sort of eye masks before but had been interested in trying them for a while. After doing some research I settled on the Grace & Stella ones and was absolutely shocked by the results. After applying them for 20 minutes or so and taking them off, the difference in the appearance of my under eyes was actually visible! The fine lines and sunken look had actually diminished and it was the first time that I could see immediate, VISIBLE results in just 20 minutes! I’m definitely going to be repurchasing these guys.

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