Easter Dessert

Every year for Easter my family goes to my cousin’s house for lunch (which usually ends up being dinner as well given the amount we consume). Each year we’re tasked with bringing something different to the table whether it be an appetizer, a fun drink, or for this year, a dessert. Naturally when my mom heard that we were on dessert duty she asked me if I wanted to make something for the occasion because she knows I will use any excuse to bake something. So with so many options at my finger tips, I’m a little overwhelmed with goodies to bake and thought I would share with you some of my finalists. What would you bake for your Easter creation?

All links and recipes can be found on my Pinterest

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  1. It’s a little past Easter, but these year I made M&M Oreo blondies–using the chocolate that I got in my Easter basket. If I don’t use it for baking, it generally goes to waste.

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