February Favorites

  • Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – I find that using this on my red spots and undereyes is all I need to completely wake up my face.
  • Queer Eye – This Netflix revamping of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is amazing. It centers on the Fab 5, a group of 5 gay men, and revamp the life of a guy who could use a little help. The makeover includes a newly decorated living space, new wardrobe, new grooming, new food and drink options, and new perspectives. I may or may not shed a tear in multiple episodes.
  • Skiing – I skiied for only the 2nd time in 12 years this past month at Stratton mountain in Vermont and had a blast! I need to get off of my board and back onto my skiis more often this year.
  • The Dodo & Hope for Paws– If you’re an animal lover, the Dodo’s series on YouTube will make you laugh, cry and probably adopt a rescue pet. They film the process of rescuing animals throughout the world, rehabilitating them and finding them new homes. What could be better?

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