Spring Hit List

Spring has always been a pretty uneventful season for me. It’s too warm to enjoy Winter activities but it’s too cold to enjoy Summer activities. So what does that leave us with? I lot of rain, many temperature-fluctuation induced headaches and the occasional single lonely flower poking out of ground way ahead of all the others. But in an effort to make the most out of my Spring season, this year I’ve decided to come up with some 5 activities I would like to do specifically in Spring because believe it or not, Spring weather is actually ideal for some things.

  1. Run a half marathon – One of my New Years Resolutions that I want to knock off earlier in the year and when it’s not blazing hot out.
  2. Take my dog to the beach before they’re prohibited from walking it for the Summer season – Lila has never swam in the ocean before and I know she would absolutely love it.
  3. Run through the cherry blossoms in Central Park – I did this once two years ago unintentionally and was absolutely awe struck by the beauty of it all. I probably stopped about 3 or 4 times just to take pictures.
  4. Help my dad with gardening – I used to love helping my dad garden as a kid and I would love to continue this tradition with him this year. I find it so therapeutic!
  5. Either get a promotion or apply to grad school – I need a serious change. Whether it’s in the form of a new job or going back to school.

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