My Most Used Eye Brushes

I like to think of makeup as a form of art and like any artist, we need our tools to create and perfect our art. And just like painting, makeup artists (or amateurs such as myself) use an array of brushes and sizes to achieve the look they’re going for. Here are my favorite eye brushes to use for this process:

(From Left to Right)

  • Ellore Femme Flat Synthetic Brush (no name on the brush but similar here) – I use this brush to cut the crease or apply any short of shimmery shadow. This deposits shimmers wonderfully, especially when wet with Fix Plus or eye drops.
  • Morphe M504 – When I want to get a lot of powder all over my eye lid to prime and set my eye, this is what I go for. It cuts the setting time in half!
  • Morphe M408 – I use this brush to smudge out my pencil liner every single morning. It’s stiff enough to grab a quick drying eye liner and move around the pigment but also soft enough to not bother your eye lids.
  • Zoeva 227 and 228 – I use both of these brushes pretty much interchangeably as blending brushes and they do an amazing job without feeling harsh on my eye even after repeated blending.
  • Essence of BEAUTY Crease (similar) – Contradictory to the name, I do NOT use this as a crease brush. I use this brush to pack on and blend out dark colors in the corner of the eye. It is probably the softest brush I own.
  • Essence of BEAUTY Fine Crease (similar) – Similarly to the Essence Crease brush I use this to pack on my darkest colors in the corner of the eye. I also use this to blend dark shadow over eye liner to smudge out the color. I can also use this brush to apply shadow to the lower lash line because it’s so small and precise (and also super soft).

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