Tips to Survive a Long Drive


Long car trips are necessary evils. Sometimes there is just no way around making an excruciatingly boring car ride but hopefully in most cases, your destination is worth it. But in case it isn’t and you really don’t have much waiting for you on the other end of the drive (or you’re returning home), here are some ways to make your trip a little less stressful and even enjoyable!

  • Rent a book on tape – this is the easiest and quickest way to get through a book.
  • Listen to musicals – If you listen to musical soundtracks in order, it almost feels like you’re watching the show.
  • Keep the window cracked – This will keep you awake, alert, and reduce the chance you’ll get a headache (a common occurrence in my car)
  • Keep a bottle of water with you – If you’re getting sleepy or hungry and you don’t have any food on you, just keep drinking water
  • Bring snacks – Nothing keeps you busy like eating. Now I’m not saying you need to wolf down a full meal, but Cheezits, granola or gummy bears? Absolutely.

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