Product Review: Secret Clinical Strength

After years of using this product, I think it’s finally time I spoke about it.



  • Comes in multiple formulas
  • Keeps you from smelling for at least 6+ hours
  • Does not irritate my skin at all
  • Comes in many clean, fresh scents


  • Does leave white residue if you’re not careful
  • Does not prevent sweating for too long

Overall, I’ve been repurchasing the solid form of this deodorant for years so clearly I like it. It has done the best job of making me feel and smell clean for hours at end without using ultra powerful, overbearing scents to mask my pits. Don’t let the “clinical” in the title scare you off, this deodorant is for everyone.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Is this strong enough for a job interview?

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    1. Haha that’s the real question isn’t it. I think so!


  2. Lindsay says:

    We will find out today!! I ask because the rumor is another applicant had offensive B.O.!!

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    1. Omg that’s actually hilarious


  3. Lindsay says:

    So I had a slightly over 2 hour interview with 4 different people (about 1/2 hour each). The ‘pits; are dry as a bone and as far as I can tell I smell completely clean. So thank you very much for reviewing this product!!

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    1. So glad it worked for you!!


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