My 4 Least Favorite Things to Wear

Everyone has articles of clothing that they wear to feel sexy, powerful, comfortable, or hopefully all three! On the other hand of the spectrum, however, there lie pieces that leave you feeling not so fabulous. Now these articles of clothing vary from person to person given our different figures, styles, and levels of body confidence but we do all have insecurities. For me, these insecurities come from 4 different forms of clothing:

Tight Tops – I’m happy with how my body looks most of the time. Immediately after I eat, however, I feel like my stomach expands more than the usual person and I become a lot more self-conscious. It’s for this reason that I feel a lot more comfortable in loose tops as tight tops tend to highlight my fuller tummy.

Sweatpants – Because I love wearing loose tops, I really dislike wearing loose bottoms because it makes me look frumpy if I wear both. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t find yoga pants a lot more comfortable and lounge-worthy than sweatpants! I know, I’m pretty sure I’m completely alone with this opinion.

Tights – Even the name of this article of clothing makes me uncomfortable. They’re itchy, tight on your stomach, snag easily, and have really annoying toe seams that constantly are moving around in my shoes. Okay, so they keep save you from having to shave your legs and keep them a little bit warmer than they would be otherwise, but the cons definitely outweigh the pros for me.

Pointy toed shoes – On other women I think these look so chic! But every time that I try on a pair of pointy toed pumps I’m immediately transported back in time to when I was 4 years old and trying on my moms red, pointy toed heels and feeling so childish. I think this was around the same time I watched 101 Dalmations for the first time and saw Cruella de Vil wearing the same shoes and associating them with villains. I don’t think I ever got over this..

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  1. lol love this! tights are the absolute worst, not comfy at all 😂

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