My Favorite Spots in Cambridge


Come August of this year I will have been living in my Cambridge apartment for 4 years now. And for someone of my age (26), staying in one location for this long is slightly unheard of. New jobs, new relationships and new needs tend to keep most people in a rotation in terms of living arrangements but so far, none of these factors have impacted my life too much over the past years. So while I’m now at a point where I’m anxiously awaiting my next big change, I’m also extremely grateful for the amount of time I’ve been able to spend in Cambridge. This city has proven to be full of life and activity when I need some energy, as well as a sanctuary away from the noise of neighboring Boston when I’m craving peace and quiet. Here are some of my favorite spots to visit in Cambridge that I will continue to frequent long after I’ve moved into my next home:

When I need a pick-me up and some great ambiance: Tatte Bakery and Cafe

This bakery has multiple locations around the city but my favorite is the one on Third Street. This place is usually bustling but not the to point where it’s hectic. And it’s no surprise they’re hopping; everything from the coffee, to the avocado tartine to the whimsical chandelier will put a smile on your face.

When I need some alone time around complete strangers: The Cambridge Public Library

I’ve always loved libraries and the one in Cambridge is no exception. And while some libraries can feel slightly claustrophobic after a while, the floor to ceiling windows across the entire side of the building provide a sense of space and connection to the world outside (even after you’ve been studying for hours).

When I need brunch. And lots of it: The Friendly Toast

This diner has the largest brunch menu I have ever witnessed at an establishment. And if that isn’t enough, everything on the menu is amazing. And if that isn’t enough, they’re open until midnight. Need I say more?

When I need to work out but don’t feel like breaking a sweat: Pure Barre Harvard Square

I’ve been a huge fan of Pure Barre for years now but it wasn’t until this past Fall that they opened up a new location right down the street from me. If you’re looking for a low-impact exercise that will kick your butt in an hour but also keep you clean enough to grab dinner with a friend afterwards, give this class a try.

When I want to treat myself to a great dinner and even better drinks: Alden & Harlow

Everything on this menu is absolutely delectable. This is the perfect spot for a date or a dinner with friends because sharing meals is pretty much a non-negotiable after you start salivating over the dishes. Plus, the drinks are bomb.

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