January Favorites

  • Athleta Vest – I picked out this vest as one of my Christmas gifts because I really wanted a vest I could run in. This vest is super comfy, light-weight and almost slimming! A great addition to any outdoor exercisers wardrobe.
  • Athleta Shirt – I’ve only had this shirt for a month now and it’s quickly become my most-worn piece. It is so unbelievably soft and comfortable! So far it’s made it into my suitcase for two weekend trips and become my lucky Patriots viewing shirt.
  • The Crown – I wrote  about this show  last year when it came out with its first season and its second season has proven to be just as phenomenal. The cast, story and cinematography is all A+.
  • Aquaphor – Once again, the curse of the dry nose has hit and this time I needed back up in the form of pure moisture. That’s where Aquaphor came in. I’m been using this on any areas of my dry cracked skin to relieve the pain and keep the skin hydrated and it works like a charm.
  • Oreo Balls – I made these for new years and a Patriot’s game over the past month and while I can only eat one at a time due to their richness, they have quickly become of favorite of my friend’s so I  will definitely continue to make more batches.
  • The Bachelor – Guilty pleasure, what can I  say?
  • Train to Busan – This foreign film centers on a father and daughter on a train to Busan when the country becomes overrun by zombies. This film is action, horror and drama all in one and is fun for the whole family! Well at least my family loved it 🙂

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