5 Meals I Want To Learn How To Cook


Over the past year I was able to significant improve my baking game. My cooking? Not so much. So this year I’m hoping to maybe not master, but get myself comfortable making some of my favorite foods (that I usually pay too much for. Here are my top 5:

Roast chicken – I think of roast chicken as the ultimate comfort food. Sure it’s not buttery and doused in cream but when I  think of this meal I think of family and family is my ultimate comfort. Plus who doesn’t love a good roast chicken? Apologies to vegetarians out there!

Sushi – I honestly think the idea of rolling up my own sushi sounds so fun. There are limited  ingredients, limited steps, and limited calories! Plus sushi is my favorite and most over ordered take out so I could save a few bucks if I learned to make it myself.

Turkey Chili – Chili is always a crowd pleaser. It’s (supposedly) very easy to put together, can feed a ton of people, and when frozen can last forever! Or at least for a couple of weeks. This  meal is economical and equally delicious.

Sweet Potato Soup – I am always so impressed when my friends tell me about how they concocted some homemade soup. Growing up, soup strictly came from a Campbell’s can so the idea that you can create it on your own still seems slightly mystical to me. But that’s all the more reason to try it!

Chicken Marsala – To be quite honest, I  just love chicken marsala. I mean anything with chicken and wine in the title has to be good. The problem is I’m always ordering it at restaurants and not letting myself try new dishes. I need to master this dish at home so I feel less inclined to indulge in it when I’m eating out.

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