My Newest Obsession: Logic Puzzles

When I was in elementary school, there were few things to freaked me out more than logic puzzles. You know the ones where if Sally, Bobby, Stacy and Fred each have a different number of colored marbles and Sally has less marbles than Bobby but more than Fred’s one blue marble, how many yellow marbles does Stacy have? The ones every student hated doing? Yeah, I love those now.

Sure I detested them at the time and pleaded with my dad to help me complete them when they were assigned for homework, but now I actually do them willingly! I suppose my love for logic puzzles stemmed from my love of math and cold, hard equations (or more specifically, proofs). If A <B and B<C then A<C. No questions asked. The logic was sound so the answer was as well! This logic also could apply to Sudoko’s, Minesweeper, and pretty much all the other games I find myself playing when I have some downtime.

So if you’re someone that maybe hated these logic puzzles growing up, they might be worth another shot. After all, you could end up loving them like I do. It’s worth a shot!

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  1. jencat26 says:

    I love these logic puzzles!

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