First Impressions: Tarte Toasted Palette

After gifting my sister the Tartelette In Bloom Palette a couple of years ago (and proceeding to use it every time we were in the same vicinity) I was incredibly impressed the the quality of their shadows. I had tried their limited edition holiday palettes before but these honestly didn’t compare to how incredible the shadows in their permanent palettes are. So when I saw that Tarte was releasing a new permanent palette that contained what looked like the most gorgeous arrangement of shades, I knew I wanted this one in my collection. So after a couple of months with the palette sitting on my Pinterest wishlist, my sister gifted it to me for Christmas. And after just one use I am extremely happy with it! The colors blend like a dream, the pigmentation is super intense and the fallout is minimal. I’ll need to play the shades a little more to develop an all encompassing review on this palette but so far so good. And what would a first impressions post be without some swatches?

(Swatches go row by row from left to right)

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  1. Swanna says:

    Your swatches look beautiful! I’ve yet to try something from Tarte so that’s something on my to do list this year! X

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    1. It’s definitely worth a try!

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  2. This palette looks stunning! But it’s pretty pricy.

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    1. Definitely worth saving up for though 🙂


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