5 Essential Exercise Recovery Equipment Pieces You Need


Working out is hard. If it was easy, they wouldn’t have “work” in the name. And while working out will always be taxing, there are certain pieces of recovery equipment you can use after your sweat sessions to make your future workouts a little less painful. After all, who needs to add sore muscles to their workouts when they don’t have to?

Here are my top picks for at home exercise recovery essentials that will help you recover, recoup, and return to your next workout feeling peachy keen!

  1. Foam Roller – Using a foam roller on sore thighs is the best and worst sensation in the world. When you’re muscles are being rolled on a foam roller, it will hurt momentarily. After this brief moment of pain, however, there is pure bliss. The roller can put pressure on spots of tension and knots that you may not otherwise be able to do, making it essential to release whatever has built up beneath the surface.
  2. Muscle Roller Stick – A muscle roller stick is similar to a foam roller in that it can apply even amounts of pressure to tension spots. The difference is a massage bar is a lot more maneuverable and get into small spaces. Also, it’s rigidity can make it a lot more painful. But remember, more pain, more gain!
  3. Lacrosse Ball – Some knots and sore areas can be pretty tricky to relieve. That’s where a lacrosse ball comes in handy. Knot in your glutes? Sit on the lacrosse ball and roll back and forth. Tight shoulders? Place the ball in between your shoulders and flat wall surface and shimmy. The options are endless.
  4. Heating Pad – After a long workout, sometimes you don’t want to exert any effort foam rolling or massaging your sore muscles. Sometimes you just want to sit and relax. It’s during these times that a heating pad comes in handy. Using a heating pad on tired muscles will help them loosen up and prevent them from becoming sore down the road. The sensation of a warm, weighted pillow on resting on you is also pretty enjoyable.
  5. Epsom Salts – Full disclosure, I have not used epsom salts. But ever since I started getting regular deep tissue massages as one of my 2017 New Years Resolutions, I have been hounded by my masseuse to take epsom salt baths after my massage or after any serious exercise. Apparently after a massage or exercise, you’ve released toxins into your body. An epsom salt bath helps release those toxins outside of your body instead of just letting them get reabsorbed. There are also a ton of other benefits to epsom salt baths that I could get into but for the purpose of this post, long story short, epsom salt baths = detoxification.

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