How I Grew My Nails Out & Keep them Grown Out


If you’re someone who bites your nails, girl, you’re not alone. I was guilty of being a manic nail biter up until the age of 18 and every now and then, when I’m really stressed out, I may indulge… But whether you’re a daily biter or a rarely biter, I thought my method of growing my nails out would help either way. Here’s what I did to stop the biting:

  1. Get a manicure. Yes, you may feel embarrassed when you get their with your not-so-there nails, but believe me, they’ve seen worse. And honestly whenever I go to a salon and look around at other people’s nails (yes, I’m nosy), their nails aren’t that long! And once you get them done, it’ll cover up the fact that they’re short and you won’t want to mess them up. That is until they chip and then you go to step 2..
  2. Get another manicure or paint your own nails. The trick is to keep covering them up. The nicer they look, the better you’ll feel and the less likely you’ll be to bite them. I know that when my nails are bare I see all of their imperfections and want to bite them into perfection (gross I know). This, of course, results in me biting them down until there’s virtually nothing left and I’m back to square one. Ignorance is bliss! If you don’t see what’s “wrong”, you won’t bite!
  3. Get good at painting your own nails. This does take time and a lot of trial an error, but once you get it down, you’ll save a ton of money on manicures. Warning: You may also become the friend that all of your friends go to to get a free manicure.

PRO TIP: If/when you get a manicure, do NOT let them buff the top of your nails. This only thins and dries out your nails. They may feel smoother but once you put nail polish on top, you’d never be able to tell the difference! This has honestly made SUCH a difference in the strength of my nails.

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