New Years Resolutions 2017 – Revisited

new years eve 2017

It’s time to see how I stacked up to my 2017 new years resolutions! Here’s how I did:

  • Be able to do a full split – It’s annoying how close I am at this point. I’ve definitely made progress over the last few months after realizing that I needed to stretch not just my legs, but my back more in order to get into a full split. I’m seriously 1cm away!
  • Learn how to meditate – Yes and now, I did meditate a handful of times but probably no more than 15. But I actually purchased the Headspace App which allowed me to use it whenever I was feeling particularly stressed out, which is progress!
  • Get a promotion – Another no. And if I let myself talk about this for too long it could turn into an entire post (which may or may not happen at some point). Basically I’ve trippled my work load and still have no new title or paycheck to show for it. Whomp whomp.
  • Listen to my body more – Finally something I did do! I purchased a spa package which I talked about in my Bests of 2017 post and it made such a difference. My neck pain is virtually gone and I have not overstretched or pulled any muscles this entire year! My lower back also feels a lot stronger!

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  1. your resolutions are all so positive & healthy, I love that. at least you tried meditation a buncha times, definitely progress! & YAY for listening to your body more 🙌🏻


  2. aggie.coutinho says:

    Great post! Simple, short but somehow deep and thoughts-provoking:)

    I’ve tried to meditate a few times as well but it’s difficult to be consistent with it. Today I’ve read in Tim Ferris’s book (Tools of titans) that actually more than 80% of successful people do some meditation on regular basis.. Well, we all know it.. it’s very beneficial to us! I really need to work harder on it to make this work better for me. Thank you for recommending the app. How long have you been using it for? Do you use it once a day, for example?

    If you have a moment and would like to read about personal growth and positive psychology (also about setting goals for 2018!) 😉 please visit my blog. New blog post here:

    Aggie x


    1. Will do! I use it only when I’m feeling super stressed which is every few weeks. And I used the free version for a little while until I ran out of sessions which is when I purchased the larger pack 🙂

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  3. aggie.coutinho says:

    ps. I found this app for free.. you said you’ve purchased it and I was wondering if there are perhaps a few versions..


    1. aggie.coutinho says:

      Oh okay, I see. I’ll try to use it this or next week to and see how it works for me! 🙂 Thanks. Btw you may be interested in my new blog post about setting goals: 😉 Happy New Year!



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