Product Review: Simple Micellar Water



  • Does not leave my face greasy at all
  • Fragrance free and doesn’t have a horrible taste when you’re taking of lip products
  • Does not sting my eyes whatsoever
  • Cleans off my makeup


  • Doesn’t take off waterproof makeup (but it’s oil free and doesn’t claim to)
  • Does take 2 cotton swabs worth of product to get all my makeup off

Overall, this is a decent product. It’s currently my go-to makeup remover as it’s so gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin either feeling stripped or greasy. My only real complaint is that it takes two cotton swabs worth of product to take off, but I can live with that!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. have you tried the garnier one? I’d be interested to know how this one compares! definitely nice when makeup remover doesn’t sting your eyes, cuz most that I’ve tried do!


    1. I have! But a while ago and I’m pretty sure I thought the Garnier one was just a little more drying than the Simple one. Still really enjoyed it though!


      1. oooh good to know, thanks girl! 🙌🏻


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