Bests of 2017

With less than a month left to go in 2017, it’s time to take a look back on some of the highlights from this year!

Album find of the YearHero (Maren Morris) – It is incredibly rare for me to listen to an album and like nearly every single song on it. This album did just that. Sure, there are 1 or 2 songs on there that I don’t love but if there’s one album that’s caused me to lose my voice from be singing along to it too much, this one takes the cake for 2017.

Trip of the yearUtah – 6 friends, 4 days, 2 mountains, 1 tuckered out lady. This long weekend was jam packed with snowboarding, cooking, apres-skiing, and a whole lot of achy muscles and I could not have been happier. There’s something about going to a completely new place with almost alien-like terrain with friends and just disconnecting from reality for a couple of days.

Movie of the year – It – If you don’t like scary movies, ignore this category. If you do, you need to see this movie. Not only is it a great horror movie, it’s just a great movie (which is saying a lot). And not only is it a great movie, it’s a great remake! Great characters? Check. Great plot? Check. Great graphics? (a must in horror films) This film kept my on my seat for the entirety of it and I’m not mad.

Netflix find of the year – Great British Bake Off – If you love baking, british accents and bucolic English countrysides, this show is for you. They’ve replaced the cut throatedness (that’s a word, right) of American baking/cooking shows with the politeness and flubs of amateur British bakers. Not to mention one of the judges uses descriptions like “scrummy” and “soggy bottomed” to describe some dishes.

Fashion Purchase of the year Frye Myrna Boots – After approximately 3 years of looking for the perfect pair of booties I finally found them. I was making my maiden voyage to the Manhattan Macy’s store when I spotted these and after about 45 minutes of waiting for the women working there to find a pair in back, walked home with these beauties and have pretty much lived in them since.

Favorite Book – Inspector Gamache Series – This series was a recommendation from my mom and since I started reading these books they have been featured in the grand majority of my monthly favorites posts this year. This series follows Inspector Gamache and his cases in a small town in rural Canada where the characters (and food descriptions) are amazingly colorful. I’ll definitely be starting a new book in the series over Christmas.

Favorite Location Find- NY Skin Spa I ended up splurging and purchasing a 1-year membership (at a discount through Gilt) at the NY Skin Spa on in Boston this year. And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told people that it was the best purchase I made all year. One of my 2017 goals was to listen to my body more and monthly massages at the spa definitely helped me stick to this goal. My upper back has never felt better!

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