Best Christmas Gifts I’ve Ever Given



Last year I wrote a post about the best Christmas gifts I’d ever received. So in the same scheme of things, for this year I wanted to share with you the best Christmas gifts that I have ever given. Now that’s not to say that these gifts would be the best to give to anyone, but for my family, these are the ones that I did the best with. Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas for your own family and friends this holiday season!

  • Family Calendar to my parents – This started out as a one time thing and has now turned into a Christmas present tradition in my family. Each year I collect as many pictures of the family as I possibly can and chronicle them in a calendar (using Shutterfly). It’s a super personalized gift that keeps giving each month!
  • 2016 World Figure Skating Championships tickets for my mom – A big bonding time for my mom and I is when we are watching figure skating on tv. So when I learned that the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships were being held in Boston, I knew it was a once in a life time opportunity. The event was amazing and will always be an amazing memory that we’ll share.
  • Patagonia Vest for my dad – This gift was a total shot in the dark for me since my dad has never been one to jump at the thought of getting new clothes. But this vest has quickly turned out to be his most worn garment for doing work in his studio (where things can get a little cold) because it still gives him full mobility and keeps him warm! Plus I think he thinks it looks cool 🙂
  • Tartelette in Bloom Palette for my sister – My sister, a make-up enthusiast like myself, asked for an eye shadow palette a couple of years back and because I didn’t really know which type of eye shadows she liked, I went with a palette that I would like myself. This actually worked out perfectly because it quickly became her go-to palette!

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