A Look into Astrid & Miyu

Jewelry is something I rarely spend money on and rarely buy for other people. I believe this is because jewelry is such a personal thing and if you’re like me, if you find a piece of jewelry that you love, you rarely ever take it off (see my post on the rings I never take off). This means I pick the pieces that I do wear very thoughtfully and while I believe this makes the pieces that I do wear special, it also limits me from experimenting with jewelry that I might end up loving. So when I was watching an In The Frow vlog where Victoria mentions the (gorgeous) jewelry she’s wearing, I wanted to try to push my jewelry boundaries and see what else was out there.

The brand that Victoria was wearing was Astrid & Miyu, a young London based brand that’s strength lies in the simple and elegant (just up my street). And while this could sound boring, Connie Nam, the founder, has taken inspiration from her travels to add creative twists to her pieces that I have honestly never seen before. The collection is an “embodiment of European and Asian aesthetics and spirit,” and is full of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs. Here are some of my top picks from the brand:

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