Athleta – the New Lululemon?

This weekend I really kicked my holiday shopping up a notch and visited the Athleta store in Chestnut Hill with my mom. I’d gone into Athleta maybe once or twice before in my entire life (years ago) and hadn’t been super impressed by their selection. But recently this past year my friend who’s a personal trainer was wearing some of their (admittedly very cute and comfy) workout gear and proceeded to tell me that they really did have some great stuff! So after popping in briefly a couple weeks back and being significantly more impressed, I decided to bring my mom back with me to take a real look around.

About 1 hour and $500 later, it’s easy to say that they have clearly stepped up their game. The quality, comfort, and cost (still high but slightly less than Lululemon) are definitely right up my alley and my mom and I have found a new favorite store to frequent. Here are some pieces that we picked up (marked with *) along with some that we would have had we been willing to sell an arm or leg 🙂


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  1. alattestyle says:

    Love the sweater in the 3rd picture! And the leggings look so comfy ❤️

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