The Perfect, Cost Effective Gift for All of Your Friends

If you’re anything like me, you love giving gifts. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you also don’t have a plethora of extra money lying around to buy said gifts. So come holiday season, it can get a little stressful trying to buy everyone gifts while still saving enough money for the cost of living. So this year, I came up with a solution for all of my friends gifting needs. Here’s what you do:

  1. Buy a couple of value packs of products you think all of your friends would appreciate.
  2. Open the packs
  3. For each friend, pick one product from each of the value packs and place these products in a goodie bag or box

And boom! Personalized goodie bags for each of your friends! Here are some value packages that I think would be perfect to spread between friends this season.

Cracking into advent calendars can also get you some good minis!


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