My Most Complimented Piece



If there is one article of clothing that gets the most compliments when I wear it, it is quite easily my Topshop duster jacket. I first spotted it in a Zoella vlog over two years ago and immediately fell in love. So when I visited NYC and was able to go to a Topshop in person (they don’t have any in Boston) I jumped at the chance to try it on and purchase the coat for myself. And I can honestly say it was the best clothing purchase I made in 2015. I have honestly never received more compliments on this piece than any other piece I have ever owned. It layers incredibly, goes with all colors and instantly makes any outfit more chic. And while this exact coat is no longer available, I took a very deep dive into the internet to find some similar coats that I believe will warrant plenty of compliments. So if you’re in the market for a new coat for Fall, look no farther!

_101393132 MARA-WO12_V1Capture


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