Empty Candle Jar DIY

By the speed I buy new candles, it should come as no surprise that I run through them very quickly. And what I’m finding more and more often is that candles are coming in cuter and cuter jars, bottles, tins and more. I’m also finding that because of this, I’m coming up with a rather large collection of empty candle containers that are just too precious to throw away! Here’s where repurposing comes in handy. Last night I finished an Anthropologie candle and instead of tossing the jar, I decided to repurpose it into a cotton pad holder (which is much more appealing than those plastic baggies they come in). Here’s how I did it.

Freeze your candle container with any extra wax in the freezer overnight (note – this doesn’t work with soy candles – I’ve tried)

2. Take a knife or pair of scissors to the bottom of the jar to crack any remaining wax. It should fall out pretty easily after this

3. Wash your jar out

4. Place whatever you’d like in your handy-dandy new container!

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