My 3 Worst Habits

No matter how perfect someone may seem I can guarantee you there is at least one habit of theirs that they wish they didn’t have. I personally have a BUNCH of habits I wish I could shake but for all intents and purposes (and in the interest of not writing an essay) I thought I would share with you 3 of my very worst habits.

  1. If my nails start to chip, I start to bite them – I’ve gotten a lot better about biting my nails since I realized keeping them painted keeps me from biting them, but the second they start to crack and peel, I feel the need to perfect them. With my teeth. Gross, I know.
  2. I cannot control my facial expressions – As of yet I have not gotten in trouble for accidentally making a facial expression at an inopportune moment but I know it’s coming. At least it keeps me honest!
  3. I’m SUPER jumpy – I know this isn’t exactly something I can help but I get frightened by sudden noises and sounds incredibly easily. Now I love scary movies because I’m expecting things to jump out and scare me, but a toaster going off? A leaf flying into my wind shield? A champagne bottle popping? Not for me.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. danniijane says:

    Haha I make facial expressions without realising! My partner came to one of my work training sessions and said I roll my eyes, pull faces🙈😂 x


  2. I’m so bad at controlling my facial expressions, but I’ve definitely been caught once or twice 😂 love this post!


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