My Thoughts On: Brand Name Fashion


With Fashion Week in full swing, it’s natural to be wondering whether the whole hype about brand named pieces is warranted. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Is it worth spending extra money to get the brand name? For some pieces yes. I believe that some staple pieces are worth spending a little more money on because you are paying for the quality. Bags, jeans, shoes, and coats are some staples that I think are worth investing in the brand name. Other things like tops, underwear, skirts and dresses you should be able to find just as good quality at a not so high price point.

Do you own many brand name items? I own a small handful. And keep in mind “brand name” does not necessarily mean Jimmy Choo and Chloe, it can also mean Frye and Marc by Marc Jacobs. I personally only own things on the latter end of that list and own about 5 of these items.

If you were going to invest in one piece, what would it be? I would 100% invest in a good bag. A bag that is timeless and neutral and can be worn all year long so I could get tons of wear out of it.  (Chloe Drew bag <3)

Do you think too much pressure is placed on wearing brand name clothing/accessories? Yes. I think in more recent years this has gotten better as more vintage and thrift store style has become more widely accepted. But I definitely think that there is still too much pressure on people to wear clothing of a certain standard.

What are your favorite brand name brands? Kate Spade, Ray Ban, Frye, Ted Baker and Coach are some of my favorites.


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  1. grace&beautylifestyle says:

    Love this post! Kate spade is one of my favourite brands too. And I totally agree that there is always pressure being placed on brand name items. xx

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