5 Trends for Fall and How I Really Feel About Them

If I had to pick my favorite season for fashion it would be Fall. It’s not too hot, not too cold (all you need is a light jacket!) and Autumn colors are pretty much my color palette year round so my wardrobe is completely on point! Here are some pieces that are making a splash this season and my honest thoughts on them.

  • Velvet – Not a huge fan of this. Mostly cause I don’t really like the feeling of velvet and it gets dirty easily. Plus I can see this fad fading pretty quickly.
  • Bell Sleeves – Depends. Not all bell sleeves are created equal. Some can be a cute, and some can look a little clownish (and really get in the way).
  • Embroidered Boots – I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually really love this trend. For someone who dresses in pretty much all solids, shoes are the perfect opportunity to make a statement.
  • Lined Jean Jackets – Jean jackets came back in style a couple seasons ago so it should be no surprise that they’re back this season…with lining! I love this throwback to early 90’s. Cute and practical!
  • Mules – It’s my opinion that mules give off a masculine vibe and it’s for this reason that I really like them. I definitely have a taste for more androgynous clothing over super feminine pieces (at least for myself) so I can appreciate this trendy fad.

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  1. petitechai says:

    I love fashion for fall but I don’t think I’ve ever really worn that sort of fashion, I have a limited wardrobe and budget so I keep my wardrobe pretty similar all year

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    1. That’s generally what I do too. I’ve been trying to go outside my comfort zone a little over the past few years with pieces that I think will stay in style for at least a few years

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