Hair Do’s – 5 Essentials Every Head Needs


I will happily admit that when it comes to hair, I’m pretty lazy. Most days I’ll wash it at night, blow dry it until it’s mostly dry, sleep on it, then give it a quick brush in the morning. And that’s it! But for those days when I do want to give my hair a little extra oomph (super technical hair term), I’ve found the following items extremely useful and now necessary items in my hair arsenal.

  • Good blow dryer – Yes, these can get very expensive very quickly, but these are investment pieces. And with any luck you won’t have to buy a new one for years and years. A good blow dryer will not only make your hair more manageable (goodbye frizz!), it will also keep your hair healthier than cheaper blow dryers. But before you buy, definitely do some research.
  • Clear Hair Grips – If you’re going for a braid, a bun, or a pony-tail that calls for a more subdued (or not there) fastener, these are life amazing. Think of them as the adult hair tie.
  • Pin-up Clips – If you’re someone that curls or straightens their hair in sections, these are the most useful tools you could come across. Pin small sections of your hair up starting from the top, going to the bottom and you’re ready to start styling like a professional!
  • A good hairspray – You’re never going to want to use hairspray if it makes your hair feel like tin foil. A good hairspray will hold your hair in place without making you’re hair feel crackable. And you don’t need to invest in an expensive brand, try this one!
  • A good curler / staightener – This one is pretty obvious but like hair dryers, curlers and straighteners are items you should invest in. A good tool will make all the difference in creation of hair styles, the life of said hair style, as well as the health of your hair. Again, google the top types of curlers and straighteners for whichever type of hair you have and the looks you usually go

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