Vineyard Weekend

Gorgeous sunsetSushi dinner at the Seafood Shanty in EdgartownRun route wasn't half bad6 miles down! Sea weedy beach day

First Day on the Vineyard

Today marks my first day on the Vineyard! I'm officially on vacation (the first weeklong vacation I've had in a year)Over the Bourne bridge and through the Cape! Shopping for 3 meals took about 3 hours in the grocery store..Finally made it to the beach!Time for a glass of wine on the porch

My Top 5 Board Games

I am a self-proclaimed board game queen. I will happily volunteer myself to play any board game that is happening. And with my Martha’s Vineyard vacation officially starting tomorrow, board games will be hot commodities. Here are my top board games to play on a rainy (or not so rainy) days. Settlers of Catan –…

July Favorites

Strawberry Sunrise Polar Seltzer – This has easily been my most sipped drink of the Summer. I pick up a pack of them any time I see one. And it makes quite the refreshing cocktail with a little bit of vodka! Tati (Glam Life Guru) – I’m not sure I didn’t come across Tati’s channel…