Seeing Through Rayban Colored Glasses

A couple of weeks ago I went to the eye doctor for a regular check up and not one, but two doctors commented on how large my pupils are (and how they shouldn’t have dilated them…). Now as weird as this sounded, it actually made a lot of sense. My eyes have always been extremely light sensitive and they told me that this had everything to due with how large my pupils are. And now while I can’t change the size of my pupils, I can protect them from the sun with some chic glasses. As of right now I have two pairs: one pair that I purchased myself 4 years ago, and another I was given as a hand-me-down from a friend. Both of these pairs are RayBans and work wonders for me so when I heard the news about my pupils being tiny and justified this as a reason to purchase another pair of sunglasses (for eye safety of course), Raybans were a natural first choice. Here are the pairs of flip-flopping between. Which one is your favorite?


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