What I’m Doing to Tone Up for Summer (and not for a “Summer Body”)

The term “Summer Body” has never been part of my vocabulary. This isn’t because I’ve ever been an unhealthy weight or horribly out of shape, I just never really saw a change in my physique between seasons. I also hated how this term conversely implies that during the Winter months our bodies mysteriously fall apart.

It’s for these reasons that when I decided to write this post about getting in better shape and eating healthier, I made sure to mention that this is not to get a “Summer body.” I made the decision better my health simply to feel better and more confident in my own skin. And while the changes that I’m making are not drastic by any means, they’re baby steps I’m taking to lead a healthier life this Summer and hopefully further into the future. Here’s what I’m trying.

  • Exercise whenever I have free time – this is obviously a lot easier to do during the warm Summer months but I’ve been reluctant to surpass my usual 4 workouts a week in past years due to worry that I’d feel burnt out. What I’ve realized from trying this, however, is that when I spontaneously work out an extra day or two a week on, I feel even more motivated to work out on the days I was originally planning on getting a sweat session in because I know I’m getting that much stronger! Plus, if I miss a workout later in the week due to a busy schedule, I already got my bonus workout in.
  • No dairy before 6pm – I recently heard of the “Vegan Before 6” diet and was intrigued by the concept of a diet that doesn’t restrict anything from your food repertoire (after 6pm). This combined with all of the reports that dairy is not natural for humans made me think of my own spin on the diet. I am very much a carnivore and already have low iron so I wasn’t willing to cut out meat and eggs, but dairy I could do.
  • Push-ups and tricep dips every morning – if there’s one area of my body that I would like to tone up, it would be my arms. In order to build up my arm strength and get a little extra blood flowing, I’ll hop out of bed in the morning and do a total of 36 push-ups (10x regular, 10x tricep, 8x regular, 8x tricep).

So far the results have been slow but steady and I can feel myself getting stronger and leaner. I’m adding more and more push-ups every week and can feel my abs starting to benefit from the extra runs and not as much cheese. I’ll make sure to update you at the end of the Summer and let you know how I got on but at this rate, I think I’ll be happy with the results!

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  1. I can’t even do push-ups honestly 😫

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  2. Jade Mayhead says:

    I like the idea of vegan before 6, I might try vegetarian before 6, as I don’t feel vegan is doable for me xo

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    1. Me either, hence why I’m trying with just dairy to start with 🙂

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