5 Ways to Look More Tan (without the Sun Damage)


When Summer starts peaking it’s head out from behind the clouds of the rainy Spring season, getting my skin back to a color that doesn’t resemble that of Caspers is one of my first to-dos. Now obviously the easiest and cheapest way to do this is to go outside on a hot, sunny day and lay out until your skin is the perfect shade of tan (or more likely in my case tomato red), but seeing as this causes skin cancer, I wouldn’t recommend this. So in lieu of bronzing your skin up naturally, I’m here to present to you 5 healthier options for making yourself look tan.

  1. Spray Tan – Probably the most obvious option but spray tans will last longer than any other type of fake tan you can get. They’re also the most expensive option.
  2. At-home Tan – These products usually last about a week or so and can yield some pretty great results! My sister used one last week and looks bomb. Try the St.Tropez  or Loving Tan)
  3. Gradual self-tanners – Moisturizing with gradual tanners will not only give you a more bronzed look, it will nourish your skin and make pre-existing tans last MUCH longer. (Try Jergens Natural Glow)
  4. Wear white – The lighter your clothes, the darker your skin will look in contrast.
  5. Lighten your hair or teeth – Same principle of contrast with wearing white. The lighter your hair and teeth are, the darker your skin will appear. As soon as I go a shade lighter for my Summer hair, I immediately get comments about looking tanner.

BONUS- this one’s a bonus because it’s pretty obvious but switching to a darker foundation and bronzer will always give you a darker complexion. Just make sure you switch up your concealer as well!


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