Summer Skin Safety


Being as it’s the Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend, my attention span is a little bit shorter than usual. So before I take off for the weekend and enter vacation mode, I wanted to leave you with a simple post that simply points you in the direction of sun protection. Here is the link to the best selling sun-safe products at Sephora:


Enjoy the long weekend an happy 4th of July!


Workout Playlist #8

Another round of tunes that keep me going during those hot Summer runs.


Food for the 4th

If you live in the US then you are definitely aware of the fact that this weekend is 4th of July weekend! And as I do for most holidays, I love to go on Pinterest and see what people have come up with for holiday treats to eat. This year I’ll be heading down to a lake in Connecticut with some of my friends and want to bring something that hopefully everyone will enjoy.ย Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Product Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub

I really enjoyed Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Gentle Scrub so when I ran out of that, I decided to give another Neutrogena product a shot.



  • Smells very clean and very nice!
  • The price is right
  • Leaves my dry patches feeling nice and smooth


  • The exfoliation balls (offical name) are too few and far between
  • Takes a long time to feel like you’ve gone over your whole face
  • Barely lathers up and definitely does not foam (at least in the shower where I use all my exfoliants)

Overall, I will not be repurchasing this product. I can find an affordable scrub (and know of at least one) that smells good and really gives my entire face a good exfoliation in half the time. I feel like the exfoliation balls are too large and scarce and because of this, it makes it very difficult to get an even clean. Whomp whomp..